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Disemination of the program “Education without borders”about revalidation of studies


The Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) announces the “Education without Borders” program from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) about revalidation of studies.

This temporary program has the objective of facilitating and offering free the process of revalidation of partial or complete studies to Mexican or students from Mexican origin who live in the United States in case they return to Mexico.

The program establishes that apostilles or legalizations of birth certificates, school diplomas or certificates, is not going to be mandatory by the Secretariat of Government.

The process will be the following:
Apply for revalidation of studies at the Incorporation, Recognition of Official Validity, Equivalency and Studies Revalidation Coordination (COIRVOERE).

Write a letter of intent indicating which studies are intended to be revalidated, name and address of the institution where they were completed. Student’s information: full name, nationality, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number, or another way for contact, a copy of the school of origin curriculum, and a document that indicates the academic training.

COIRVOERE will send the file to the corresponding academic department, they will issue the final acceptance or negative for revalidation. IPN will verify information and will translate into Spanish any necessary document.

A placement exam would be scheduled in case the academic office considers necessary.

Those who are awarded with revalidation will be able to enroll to similar programs, and they will receive a monthly scholarship of $2, 400 pesos during a year.

Those who graduate and obtain an academic title from IPN, will be able to participate in the evaluation contest and become part of the academic body.

The following link is available for consultation of the different list and the educational offer:


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